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Thank you for taking the time to apply for a sponsorship on our website. After reviewing your social media links, we are excited to offer you a Level 2 Sponsorship. We are offering:

- A customized 10% off discount code that pays you 10% from all sales when your code is used. Have your friends and followers use your code at checkout so you can get paid!

- Access to our talented Graphic Artist team that can help you promote your Sponsorship.

- Promotion on our social media (Must be an active follower).

- Monthly Giveaways hosted by Sponsored Gamers (Must be an activefollower).

- Product Reviews (Must be an active follower).

- Free merchandise with every 3 sales where your discount code is used.

- Your photos will be posted on our website when you use the hashtag #SponsoredGamers. To make the most money and earn the most rewards with your sponsorship, we recommend that you promote the Sponsored Gamers brand whenever possible. We ask that you:

- Promote Sponsored Gamers on your social media pages (such as Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Website, etc). Please encourage your viewers and fans to use your discount code and make a purchase at least once per week. This will lead to more sales, more money, more free merchandise, and rank up to higher levels within your sponsorship which will lead to more money and rewards.

- Post a Sponsored Gamers promotional banner on your social media pages, include your customized discount code and link it to our website so you can earn more cash and level up. You can use this banner

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When you purchase Sponsored Gamers products for yourself, make sure to your use your discount code. This will allow you to earn cash back, make money on your own purchase, level up, and more!

Once you are ready to get started, please send us a shoutout on your social media and we will activate your discount code!

Best regards,
-Sponsored Gamers


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